About the Tapes

Quik Course Innovative Brick Spacing Tape

Accurate Color-Coded Masonry Concepts

Innovative brick spacing tape that draws inspiration from the hassles and confusion involved in marking off courses with a brick ruler and pencil. Bricklayers can apply Bricktape to corner posts, speed leads and story poles cutting their layout time in half.

Quik Course Innovative Brick Spacing Tape is color-coded and currently available in five sizes.

The tapes

Joint spacing scales based on 2 1/4″ thick brick

#2 yellow

#3 red

#4 green

#5 blue

#6 orange

2-1/2″ on center

2-9/16″ on center

2-5/8″ on center

2-11/16″ on center

2-3/4″ on center

tape measures

No more worn out rulers and unreadable markings